This is an open invitation to anyone reading this page!

I pray this finds you well in the Lord. I have a very special request. Yesterday I was in a small village to minister and in the meeting I felt a strong impression on my heart to write and present a request to you.

Would you feel right in presenting our work to your body of believers and presenting this letter to your fellowship asking if there are those who would like to spend 3 to 6 months here with us on the field to help us in these precise areas of need?

  • 1. Welders and steel workers.
  • 2. Carpenters and wood workers
  • 3. Painters
  • 4. Body workers and spray painters
  • 5. Mechanics
  • 6. Teachers (especially math)
  • 7. Handy men (and women)
  • 8. Cooks
  • 9. Computer operations (preferably in publishing composition)
  • 10. Accounting, book keeping, Secretary
  • 11. Electricians

This could be a great opportunity for someone to improve their social skills and learn how to work in a foreign country. Also to learn a number of languages as we have not only Italian but French classes with the possibility of others for those truly interested.

This is also possible for married couples with no age limits. Energetic retirees or young people still learning would be very welcome.

We would be responsible for housing and food and visas. All basic needs would be met. We have our own laundry facilities and anything else for personal maintenance. In other words little financial resources would be needed.

A sister or brother could feel that a real ministry is being accomplished in a unit of service with others here in our team in Italy.

The brethren would not be bound by just laboring in their field of work but there would be ample opportunity to meet many Italian brethren from all the local churches and to get to know them and share their Italian hospitality in every way.

We travel from city to city and seeing many interesting areas of this great country.

Most of all any effort put forth would result in a unified effort to get the gospel of our beloved Lord out to a very needy nation.

I know it would be a life changing time for anyone involved. Please contact us if you feel interested and we will be happy to hear from you.

Bro. Clark Slone, Christ is the Answer Italy